Mission Builder

Mission editor edits .mis files to make single player or multi player (net) missions. Not to be confused with editing the level geometry mesh, that is done with 3D modeling software.  We do not presently have the capability to edit level geometry. But, a clever person could figure it out.

Download Mission Editor


How to run Mission Editor

To edit a misison, you need to load files in structs. The editor won't do much without a level geometry mesh to work with. More on this later.  I use a little batch file to set the working directory of the editor:

cd c:\games\ow\full\structs

Or, a cleaner solution, just make a desktop shortcut to builder.exe and set the "Start in" to the full path to the structs directory within the Outwars folder

Mission Builder.png


Place a pickup, right click the little square and set the ID accordingly:

grenade 2500
mines 2510
rifle 2520
missile 2530
health 2600
armor 2610
cloak 2630

Mission Lists

Binary file with some whitespace, 15 entries max.  More details: https://rushworx.net/2020/outwars-hacking-multiplayer-mission-list/


Outwars Icons

Because I'm a nerd I made some Outwars icons in 2012, apparently, and used them for the various file types used by the mission editor. mr_owicons.ico