Installing and Setup

Notes on where to download game files and get it running on modern versions of windows


Download & Install

Lifted from Outwars Never Dies (Thanks OWReaper!):

Step 1: Download Base
Biffman over at the collection chamber built an amazing installer from the ground up. It will autoinstall Outwars, Dxwind, and nGlide. It seems to have some issues playing cdaudio so I recommend only running it once and go into the options and make sure "use direct3d" is turned on. After this you'll want to directly run the outwars.exe file.

Step 2: Install Multiplayer Fix
Daniel Collins wrote an amazing program that will fix pretty much all the issues experienced over lan play.

Step 3: Install Gameranger
Signing up for an account is quick and it appears to be the most reliable way to get a match going. Be advised that some people will experience issues connecting if you're locked behind a certain rare type of router. Gameranger itself will give you more details on this.

All these files and more can be found in the master google drive folder here:…/fo…/0B4h9hA6RRFznZ25od0k1WEt1bjg…

In the Misc folder there's even a few development tools and rare finds I've been able to dig up through the years. Be advised the 3rd party tools zip file will throw antivirus warnings due to the presence of a trainer.

Graphics Wrappers

Play Outwars at higher resolutions and with modern effects processing! Fancy!

Download & Install V2


Put together a single fancy installer that allows you to get everything you need to play online except for voobly/gameranger (and maybe even a link to the download for that).  Additionally, able to download components for single player game and releases of Outwars in other languages.

What thing to use to build the installer? 



Regarding multiplayer: would like to come up with a standard set of additional maps.  If I recall correctly the game only actually allows you to have 11 (I think it has 8 normally).  So, gotta pick the best ones.  Everyone must have the same ones though or I believe the game crashes. 


I think the registry entries the official Outwars installer are required to support voobly / gameranger etc.  Not 100% on that but need to look into it. 


Default controls are kind of dumb, will come up with 'standard' controls which allow for strafing and firing weapons independantly, probably assuming full size desktop keyboard Arrow keys + Ctrl, Shift, Num0, Num1 for weapons due to nkey on most keyboards being a large impedance.


Notes on V1



Recommended Keybindings

For an explanation on why you should set up your keyboard this way, see Keyboard Bindings in the Art of War section.


Green: ground movement

Blue: glider wing

Dark green: aiming (I only find this useful while flying in the glider wing, and only on occasion).

Purple: camera selection, Dark purple: drop camera controls

Gray: seldom used

Gray with yellow text: things you cannot reconfigure

Pink: chat

Magenta: score

Yellow, Orange, Red: individual weapon fire keys

Outwars WASD

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Outwars Arrow keys

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