Download & Install V2


Put together a single fancy installer that allows you to get everything you need to play online except for voobly/gameranger (and maybe even a link to the download for that).  Additionally, able to download components for single player game and releases of Outwars in other languages.

What thing to use to build the installer? 


  • Critical for running the game. ~100mb, i think. shouldnt be much bigger than trial version.
  • Multiplayer
  • Optional


Regarding multiplayer: would like to come up with a standard set of additional maps.  If I recall correctly the game only actually allows you to have 11 (I think it has 8 normally).  So, gotta pick the best ones.  Everyone must have the same ones though or I believe the game crashes. 


I think the registry entries the official Outwars installer are required to support voobly / gameranger etc.  Not 100% on that but need to look into it. 


Default controls are kind of dumb, will come up with 'standard' controls which allow for strafing and firing weapons independantly, probably assuming full size desktop keyboard Arrow keys + Ctrl, Shift, Num0, Num1 for weapons due to nkey on most keyboards being a large impedance.

  • how does Outwars store controls, in the registry? in a text file?


Notes on V1

  • biff distrib
    • uses 441mb
      • includes single player campaign w/ movies
    • comes with dxwnd .. says its required
    • nglide200_setup.exe
    • intel audio/video codec .. is this for the outwars interstitial avis? i think so
    • includes PDF scan of manual! what a nice touch.
    • after installed, windows tells me i need to install DirectPlay. ok.
    • it installed and runs fine on my pc till you get into the game then no input works.
      • second time it worked fine.  even jumpjet recharge seems to be the right rate.
    • i dig the hi res Outwars icon, just need to remove the white border.