Issues and FAQ

  • Outwars Crashes

    • Everyone has had it crash when running the short cut after installing it.  We don't know why, just open it again.
    • OBS: Outwars will *always* crash if OBS is open.  To be more specific, it will crash when it changes between the 2D menu and the 3D engine.
    • Multiplayer Crash: multiplayer crashes happen when there is a router problem between two players.  It will crash for one of the two immediately after you hit Launch in the Armory.  The solution is to add a port forward in your router for port 16000 (for gameranger).
  • GameRanger

    • Dont worry about it if you get the Port-Restricted Cone NAT Router dialog box, it will work fine: cone.png
    • Italics name: just need to port forward 16000

italics name is important! if you launch the game and a player has an Italics name, it will crash for one of the two people who see each other in italics.