Play Multiplayer


GameRanger is a little goofy but hey, it is nearly as ugly and old as!

GameRanger Setup

  • You need to tell GameRanger where to find Outwars:


  • You should add us as friends, it makes it easier to invite to game lobbies.


Voobly used to be called IGZones and was originally a very close rip off of  Presently, it does not work with Outwars from  I think it is expecting to find the game installed in the default path where the CD would install it: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Outwars but we have not tested this theory -- changing the registry or install path does not seem worth the hassle.


We are not going to use VPN to play Outwars because if you use the same PC for work, you will break your work VPN and your boss will throw you off a cliff. 

That said, we can avoid the port forwarding stuff if we used VPN, which is interesting, so I thought it worth mentioning here.